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Hello Drifter.

Welcome to your journey to find solace.

Expect to be HEALED, if you are WOUNDED by:

  • Toxic Relationships
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Victim Of Any Kind Of Abuse
  • Any Kind Of Unwanted Stress
  • Low On Motivation
  • And More…



One more life lesson, one more belief killed, one more trauma to add to the list, I no longer believe there’s good in people, that shit just doesn’t exist, I realized, I made someone (who didn’t deserve), my priority, while I was just an option, just a toy for her in reality, I was aContinue reading “TRUTH”

Kiss her Goodnight

If only the effort I/we put in such posts into actually LOVING CARING & HELPING MOM everyday.

Would truly mean celebrating MOTHER’S DAY and making her feel special.

I hope after reading my POEM, one soul will show and give true LOVE, APPRECIATION & AFFECTION to their MOTHER.

Are You A Movie-buff Too?

I love watching movies so much because for few hours I have finally escaped the real life and made my way into the reel life where I connect with the character, heroic or villain. If I have mentioned your fav movie, let me know in COMMENTS.

Ritual Performed At

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